A History of Delicious

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In 1972, my Dad, Hymie Golden, my Uncle, Lennie Marsh and their childhood friend Arnie Greenberg formed the Unadulterated Food Products Company and began selling natural fruit juices and sodas under the name L&A Juice Company. A few successful years later, they created a new family of natural iced teas and fruit drinks called Snapple. Not only did they start a beverage revolution, they built perhaps the most loyal, passionate fans of all time.

Inspired by my Dad’s love for making delicious drinks, I set out to create the next generation of healthy beverages. Together with a great team, we crafted an organic fruit drink powered by organic birch water that’s low calorie, naturally hydrating, and totally delicious. Say hello to Treo. I hope you love them as much as I do.

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And Why Exactly Birch Water?

Birch water is sourced locally from birch trees in the mountains of Vermont and Upstate New York and is used to naturally sweeten our drinks. It contains the natural sugar xylitol which adds a subtle sweetness. Birch water also offers more health benefits than coconut water and is lower in sugar. Here is what birch sap does:

Enhances Flavor & Sweetness: Naturally occurring Xylitol adds natural sweetness (side note: good for teeth and gums)

Nutrient Boost: Contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and electrolytes, such as calcium, manganese and zinc, providing ideal hydration properties. Birch water also contains saponin, which is known for lowering cholesterol content

Naturally Hydrating: Used as a detox drink for generations in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. Birch Water has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties which help with arthritis and rheumatism, as well as detox and cleansing features that help the kidneys and liver

Interested to learn how we extract the sap from the trees? See below for more information.

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    During Winter

    birch trees drink in nutrients and minerals from the soil into their roots.

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    When Spring Arrives

    the sap makes its way from the trees’ roots through their trunks – and naturally begins to flow.

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    Then We Tap

    the trees to collect the nutrient rich sap.

Good for you
good for trees

We’re proud to support local communities. Our family-run farms hand tap our birch trees in Vermont and Upstate New York - that’s about as close to homemade as we can get. Responsible tapping adds to the health of the trees and promotes good forest stewardship

No Artificial Sweeteners. Never.

Treo’s mission is to create delicious, fun and flavorful products but never at the expense of its ingredients. We are committed to sourcing the best ingredients on offer – ingredients which are organic and plant-based. Our proprietary sweetener blend is organic and plant-based (birch sap, stevia and erythritol) and balances the sweetness of our drinks. These sweeteners are also non calorific which means that they add no calories or carbs to our products which is why we are only 1 net carb per serving.

When people try our drinks we often get asked – ‘Wow! how do they taste so delicious and are so low in sugar and carbs? and the answers lies in part to the combination of our unique sweetener blend and in part to our delicious, fresh fruit flavors. Still want to know more? We’ve even more detail in our FAQ section.